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Bomb blast in Palu

This morning, again, I read a news about bomb blast in Indonesia. Honestly, I get angry and also sad to hear this. From BBC.co.uk I read that the bomb exploded in the largely Christian area in Palu, Central Sulawesi. Detik.com reported that 8 people died and 43 hurt so far.


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As usual, in Hamburg, in new year eve, some people around my home will celebrate it with fireworks and firecrackers. Sure, you can imagine how the sound of firecrackers, so noisy!

The situation is like Lebaran fest in Indonesia long long time ago when firecrackers are still allowed by the police. I still remember, when I was in junior high school, I made hundreds of firecrackers by my self. I did it in the month of Ramadan after back from school. No special tools needed, only paper, pencil or spidol and ruler from wood to make the tube of firecrackers, while the epoxy and fuse could be bought in the market. Compare to the firecracker sold in Germany, the sound of my firecrackers is louder!

In Germany, the fireworks and firecrackers are sold freely in supermarket on December (usually one or two weeks before new year). We can find a lot of fireworks and firecrackers sale everywhere.

So, happy new year for all of you! Have you make a plan to celebrate the new year eve? Usually, I celebrate it by sleeping for a year! zzz…zzz…zzz…

Welcome 2006! I am here waiting for you!

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I need more harddisk space

Working with photo and video files (in digital form with high resolution) need a large harddisk capacity.

So far, to make a high quality DVD from my handycam, I capture it to the AVI format. For one casette Hi8-90 8mm, the file size is about 14GB. After capturing, I have to edit it to get more nice result and than save it again in AVI format, before burn it to the DVD using NeroVison. Sometime, I make another version of the movie from the same source, so I have to keep the source in my harddisk.

The same case for my digital photo files, I should keep also the sources. With a quite high resolution, the size of each file is about 2MB (actually, I can also make a picture with file size about 6MB, but I’ve decided to make it in lower resolution). When editing the picture, I’ll make also some versions in black and white (BW) and color with different digital manipulations and different size.

Today, I read in the brochure an external harddisk Blue Media 300GB, 7200 rpm cost 159,00 Euro. I think I should buy this external harddisk to save my photo and video files… 🙂

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Creating your photo story

I found Microsoft Photo Story 3.1. from Microsoft Digital Image has nice features to create story from my photos collection. As usual, the processes are very easy and the results are also very good. The output is in windows media video (wmv) format.

Before creating the photo story, I use Microsoft Digital Image to edit my photos. I can find a lot of facilities in this software. As far as I did not do an advance digital processing, and of course I didn’t do it, this software is more than enough. You can download the Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006 here for 60 days FREE trial if you’d like to try.

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Formalin in foods

Some Indonesian favourite foods such as mie, ikan asin, tahu, etc. containing formalin is an old fact. I am sure that the government has known it for a long long time ago. And I am sure also that you have heard about it before for many times!

Again, I am very sure that the trade and industry activities are documented by the Industry and Trade Ministry. Foods and formalin are part of industry products. Health Ministry also has a special agency that control the foods quality. How can the ministers, the general directors and their staffs at those departements ignoring this foods scandals? What are you realy doing in your nice office? Just become speakers in seminars, entertainers in televisions and newspapers, launching new factories, etc.?

Come on guys, you are not working for FREE! We (Indonesian people) have paid you!

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First experience with digicam

This is my first experience doing photography with a digital camera. I bought a new digital pocket camera Medion 6.2 megapixel view weeks ago.

So far I feel that using a digital camera is more difficult than a non-digital one. The most difficult thing is because I can see the result directly after shooting an object, and if I got the result is not as beautiful as I saw with my eyes, then it makes me unhappy and unsatisfied. A feeling that I’ve never found when using a non-digital camera.

When I still use a non-digital camera, I can not see the results directly after take the pictures, so nothing to think about the results at that time. Psycologically, it was better if I can not see the result instantly, especialy when I find a rare object or an event that happens shortly.

For you who want to see some pictures I have taken with my new digital camera, please visiting kangtustel’s blog and don’t forget to give comments and critics.

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Unwanted greeting e-cards

During this week I got a lot of greeting e-cards from people that I don’t know. These e-cards are sent from kapanlagi.com. May be this is a kind of new spam, I don’t know. But because every day the senders are different, it is quite difficult to mark them as spam at once. The senders usually using the yahoo’s account name to send the unwanted greeting e-cards.

Below is the example of the e-cards I receive today:

From: ulank2005@yahoo.com
Subject: Renungkanlah

Halo ,

Wulandari mengirim kartu ucapan untuk anda.
Klik di sini untuk melihatnya.

Atau anda bisa copy dan paste alamat ini ke browser anda:

Anda ingin mengirim kartu balasan ke Wulandari?
Klik di sini

Pesan dari Wulandari:

apa pun masalah yang sedang anda hadapi
seberat apa pun itu…jangan pernah engkau melupakan-Nya
karena Dia-lah sang Maha Penyayang

Kartu ini dikirim melalui KapanLagi.com
Kalau bukan sekarang, Kapan Lagi?

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